Google Maps Ranking

Enhance your business's ranking on Google Maps locally with Psyktek.

To improve your Google Maps ranking for a specific city, Psyktek is your go-to solution. Google offers a share link and iframe code for a reason, and with the largest Niche Relevant Blog Network in the world, Psyktek can embed and backlink your GMB. Additionally, we utilize 4G Mobile Proxies to mimic local city searches of your GMB for your chosen keywords in that city. This powerful solution is aptly named Google Maps Ranking.

Here is a breakdown of our process for elevating your GMB’s ranking.

The Process

My initial step is to utilize your keywords to scrape the most recent content from Google. This process encompasses the relevant Google region and language. For instance, if your order is for the UK, I use Google UK, for Australia, I use Google AUS, and for the US, I use Google USA, ensuring I obtain fresh, localized content.

Next, I proceed to scrape 100 images and 100 videos that are relevant to your niche. Afterward, I verify that the image URLs are active and functional.

Afterward, I integrate your GMB to be embedded.

Following that, I include your NAP, which enables the phone number to be clickable, allowing for easy call access.

After that, I spin the keyword or keywords into the Image Alt Tags and Video Alt Tags.

Subsequently, I integrate your keywords into the content by spinning them, ensuring that the page is optimally optimized.

Next, I generate H1, H2, H3, and H4 title tags by incorporating your keywords.

Now, I take the spun keywords, images, videos, map, NAP, Alt tags, and titles, and integrate them into the fresh content. I then create nested spintax to ensure that the content is unique and optimized.

After scraping fresh content from Google based on the provided keywords, I proceed to incorporate 100 relevant images and 100 videos, ensuring that all image URLs are active. Next, I embed your GMB and add your NAP with a click-to-call phone number. I then spin your keywords into image and video alt tags, as well as H1-H4 title tags to optimize the page.

For Tier 1, I use high UR/DA/PR blogs that align with your niche and utilize the provided 10 keywords as anchor text linking back to your GMB short link, CID link, or website URL. This results in 100% keyword anchors, but if you prefer generic anchors, please specify in the Gig notes. Some clients order monthly and use this Gig to balance their anchor text portfolio with commercial, partial match, or branded anchors.

For example, if your business is based in Jacksonville, Florida but is not ranking in the Westside or Southside areas, you can order 3 Google Maps Ranking Campaigns and provide the necessary details. You can also order an additional Gig with 10 keywords for each location you want to target.

Next, I proceed to backlink the Tier 1 with niche-relevant blogs, specifically for Tiers 2, 3, and 4. Each of these tiers incorporates fresh, unique, and structured content, ensuring that no post is the same. With 100 spun live and niche-relevant images, 100 niche-relevant videos, and your GMB and NAP embedded with a click-to-call phone number, every post is unique. Additionally, it is worth noting that I can also embed My Maps, Google Sites, and BatchGeo Maps if they can be iframed.

After creating all the links, I use a unique and private method to crawl them. This process leads to higher indexing rates than other indexing systems. Additionally, I have the ability to embed My Maps, Google Sites, BatchGeo Maps, or any other iframed content upon request.

After completing the backlinking process, I organize all the details in a Google Sheet, categorizing the Tier 1 backlinks and mentioning the anchor text utilized along with the linked URLs. Following that, I list down the Tier 2, 3, and 4 backlinks that direct back to the Tier 1 links to enhance their power.

As we work on creating backlinks and embeds, we also use 4G Mobile Proxies to simulate local searches to your GMB. This is an effective way to increase local Click-Through Rates (CTR). Our CTR process lasts for a duration of 30 days.

Boost Your Local Business's Visibility on Google Maps with Psyktek's Ranking Service

Psyktek’s Google Maps ranking service pertains to a business or organization’s placement in Google Maps search results. When a user searches for a specific type of business or service on Google Maps, the results appear in relevance and proximity to the user’s location. The higher a business or organization ranks on Google Maps, the more visible it is in search results and the greater its chances of acquiring customers.

There are multiple factors that affect a business’s Google Maps ranking, such as the number and quality of reviews received and the distance from the user’s location. With Psyktek’s service, we can assist your local business in ranking higher on Google Maps by generating niche-relevant backlinks and embedding the Google Map in niche-relevant blog posts. Moreover, we can conduct Click-Through-Rate (CTR) to the Google Maps to simulate local searches within a 3-5 mile radius.

Overall, by partnering with Psyktek, you can heighten your visibility on Google Maps and draw more customers to your local business.

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